IAPSC Expert Witness Workshop: Fundamentals in Forensic Security Consulting
   Pre-Conference Workshop at the 37th IAPSC Annual Conference 
   The Westin Westminster, Colorado 
   Monday, June 13, 2022 | 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

This fast-paced day-long interactive session is intended for experienced consultants, those already practicing in the field of forensics as well as security consultants interested in security expert witness work. 

Workshop Details:
Dive deep into industry standards, guidelines, and advanced solutions. Participate in the security expert panel, case business environments discussion, and best practices. 

Our inaugural class will be Monday, June 13th prior to the 37th Annual IAPSC Conference at the Westin Westminster in Colorado June 13-15th. Attendance is limited in order to optimize audience participation and content presentation. 

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Topics include:

  • The Role of the Security Expert in Litigation
    Learn how to develop opinions and understand the legal requirements, basis, and support and how to avoid being stricken. 

  • Business Practices

    Learn how to screen and select cases, use contracts for services, hourly rates, and billing practices, and record retention 

  • Assessing Crime Risk

    Review methods of Police Call for Service (CFS) and police reports to better understand applicable crime types and relationships between offenders and crime victims.

  • Expert Reports

    Gain the right tools to meet the legal requirements for content, report types, formats, references, admissibility at trial, and more. 

  • Deposition Testimony

    Learn the process of preparing and responding to formal requests for work files and subpoenas.  
    Learn common mistakes made in expert deposition testimony. 

  • Trial Testimony

    Tap into the presentation at trial, use of demonstrative exhibits, and cross-examination strategies.      

Included with your workshop registration are electronic handouts, reference guides, and a copy of the peer-reviewed and court-accepted IAPSC Forensic Methodology.

Sponsored by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, there is instant access to the most widely respected and recognized security consultants, and experts, in the industry. Content development by the IAPSC Forensic Committee.

Taking the course in person provides the best learning environment and opportunity to grow. On site, there is dedicated time to network and free time to schedule one-on-one meetings. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop, market, and deliver expert security consultant services. 

Workshop attendees are encouraged to extend their stay and register for the Annual IAPSC Conference from Tuesday, June 14 - to Wednesday, June 15. Discounted rates are available. Read more at this link for the 2022 Annual IAPSC Conference

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