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1. Protecting Your People, Property, Productivity & Your Posterior
2. In Emergency Response, Great Plans Are a Smart Thing; Training Is Everything!
3. Workplace Violence + Active Shooter: It's About You, Your Management and Your People
4. Active Shooter in Your Workplace - Tactical Planning and Response
5. Workplace Violence: It's About You, Your Management and Your People
6. The 17 Gaps that Sabotage Your Emergency Plan & How to Fill Them
7. Active Shooter: How Do Your People Respond?
8. Crisis Communications: Always Acknowledged, Never Planned or Trained
9. 4 Black Swans in 170 Days: Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, Winter Storm Nemo and the Boston Marathon Bombing What does it all mean to us now?
10. Dangerous Disconnect: The Public & Private Sectors Don't Understand Their Partnership in Emergency Response Readiness
11. State of Readiness in the Private Sector: A Train Wreck...What that Means to You.
12. Protecting Your Workplace's Special Needs Personnel during Emergencies.
13. Interactive Tabletop Exercise: Active Shooter, Chemical Spill, Natural Disaster, etc.
14. 3 Active Shooters on 3 Connecticut Campuses in 29 Days...What does it mean for YOUR campus?
15. America Is a Third World Country for Workplace Emergency Response
16. "Hey, Boss, Is This a Drill?" The 10 Most Overlooked (and Dangerous) Safety Problems Most HR Pros Miss
17. Physical Security-What's new Threat-Wise, What's Trending
18. The Fatal Flaw in Your Active Shooter Response
19. The "It Will Never Happen to Us" Deadly Lie