IAPSC 2022 Conference 2


Our program is designed with well-rounded content to cover all corners of the security professional and consultant industry, highlighting hot topics and emerging trends that align with your professional growth.


Conference Day 1: Tuesday, June 14

  • Using Evidence-Based Research to Understand and Prevent Crime with Karim Vellani
    • This session is based on a new book entitled Unraveled: An Evidence-Based Approach to Understanding and Preventing Crime. The session bridges the gap between criminological theories and the practical application of these theories in the real world.


  • CPTED: Tips on Reading the Environment, Getting the Most Out of Your Site Audit with Tom McKay
    • Improve your ability to read environments and interpret signs of problematic and criminal behavior.


  • Contract Fundamentals, Conundrums, and Relevant Horror Stories with Gina Bongiovi
    • This session will cover contract basics as well as discuss easily overlooked clauses that can get you into trouble.


  • Assessment in the Age of Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Practitioners with Mike D’Angelo, Mark Lex, and J. Kelly Stewart
    • The understanding of risk assessment couldn't be more important for security practitioners to ensure respective businesses that they can assist in managing risk, scale growth, and drive enterprise value. Learn from the experiences of your peers as you discuss strategies and challenges for implementing a successful assessment.


Conference Day 2: Wednesday, June 15

  • Risky Facilities with Dr. Shannon Linning
    • A small number of places called risky facilities experience most of a city’s crime. Not only do risky facilities generate a lot of crime on their properties but they can also radiate crime to nearby places. But if bad places can radiate bad things, can good places radiate good things? Learn place management and how to apply crime-specific solutions at places and how places, and their owners, are networked together to control larger areas.


  • Partnering, Finding Business, and Putting Together an Award-Winning Proposal with Mike Silva
    • This session provides an overview of ways that independent security consultants can win more business by using effective sales and marketing strategies.


  • Dealing with Media Inquiries with Margaret Standing 
    • When the media come calling, it can be overwhelming to know how to respond, or if to respond at all. During a crisis, it can be particularly tempting to retreat into a shell, but fear not! In this session, we will discuss how to work with the media to get your message across effectively in both reactive and proactive situations.


  • Travel Risk Management for Consultants with Brent Barker
    • International and domestic travel is expected to increase in 2022 and make a full recovery by 2024. The return to travel makes travel risk management more important than ever. This will be crucial to reassuring travelers that it is safe to travel again.